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βœ… covid-friendly

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🐟 – Contains raw ingredients

🌾 – Gluten-friendly

🌱 – Plant-based; vegan-friendly


Our signature! We offer a variety of sizes to suit every party. Bases (white rice, brown rice, vermicelli noodles, or salad) can be pre-selected, or an assortment will be provided. Allergy and dietary adjustments are also possible. Feeling creative? Create your own selections off of our regular build your bowl menu!

mini splashΒ ($8.45)

mini salmon 🐟

salmon, sriracha aioli, cucumber, green onion, crab mix, sriracha aioli, crispy onions

mini tuna ponzu 🐟

tuna, ponzu, sweet onion, green onion, seaweed, tobiko, sesame seeds, nori

mini creamy scallop 🐟

scallop, splash aioli, cucumber, crab mix, tobiko, sriracha aioli

mini hawaiian chicken

chicken, pineapple, sesame sauce, sesame seeds, crispy onions

mini splashamole (+ $2) 🐟🌾

salmon, splash aioli, cucumber, avocado, corn, splash aioli

mini hawaiian ahi (+ $1) 🐟

ahi, shoyu, cucumber, sweet onion, green onion, seaweed salad, sesame seeds, nori

mini friendly 🐟🌾

salmon, splash aioli, cucumber, green onion, tobiko, corn, sriracha aioli, nori, sesame seeds

mini vegan 🌱

tofu, vegan shoyu, seaweed, cucumber, green onions, seaweed salad, corn

lil splash* ($12.45)Β | double splash ($16.45) | triple splash** ($19.45)

all of the following bowls can be made in lil (one scoop of protein), double (two scoops protein) and triple (three scoops of protein) size.
* for lil splash, please choose only one of the protein options. also choose only two of the featured toppings.
** for triple splash, please choose one additional protein option.

the works 🐟

salmon, tuna, shoyu sauce, all mix-ins and all toppings (except avocado). topped with all garnish, splash aioli and sriracha aioli.

the classic 🐟

salmon, tuna, shoyu sauce, sweet onions, green onions, seaweed, seaweed salad, crab mix and corn. topped with crispy onions, sriracha aioli and unagi sauce.

the tropical 🐟

salmon, scallop, splash aioli, cucumber, seaweed salad, crab mix, tobiko, pineapple and mango. topped with crispy onions, panko and splash aioli sauce.

the spicy 🐟

shrimp, tofu, spicy garlic sauce, green onions, cucumber, seaweed, seaweed salad, crab mix and tobiko raw. topped with crispy onions and sriracha aioli.

the hawaiian ahi (+ $1) 🐟

ahi tuna, shoyu, sweet onions, green onions, cucumber, seaweed salad, tobiko. Topped with sesame seeds and nori.

the prairie

slow braised hawaiian shoyu chicken, corn, pineapple topped with crispy onions, sesame seeds, panko and sesame sauce.

the friendly 🐟🌾

salmon, tuna, sriracha aioli, sweet onion, green onion, cucumber, tobiko, and corn. topped with nori, sesame seeds, splash aioli and sriracha aioli.

the harvest 🌱

tofu, vegan shoyu sauce, sweet onions, green onions, cucumber, seaweed, corn, seaweed salad. Topped with crispy onions, panko, sesame seeds and nori.


Fresh white sushi rice and sliced toppings, house-made sauces and roasted nori sheets, all in a fun donut shape– we proudly make our NEW poke donuts locally, to order!

Poke donuts must be pre-ordered by the dozen and paid to the restaurant with 24 hours’ notice (please allow more notice for larger orders).

🎁 Send them as a gift through our delivery option!

one dozen ($4/donut)β€” order by the dozen. Up to 3 flavours per dozen.

Choose from the following fun, fresh flavours.

shoyu glazed ahi 🐟

ahi, seaweed salad, sesame seeds, tobiko, shoyu, and unagi.

sriracha salmon 🐟

salmon, tobiko, cucumber, sesame seeds, and sriracha aioli.

tropical 🐟🌾

salmon, scallop, tobiko, cucumber, and splash aioli.

california 🐟

imitation crab meat, cucumber, tobiko, and sriracha aioli.

vegan delight 🌱

tofu, mango, cucumber, sesame seeds, and unagi.


Perfect bite-sized appetizers, allowing your guests to snack while mingling. SPLASH TEASERS work best being passed by a server, or presented buffet style for your guests to pick up at their leisure. We recommend 4-5 teasers/person when not combining with our SPLASH BOWLS, as the portions are bite-sized.


splash teasers ($28/dozen)

unagi tofu skewers 🌱

tofu and cucumber skewer marinated in vegan shoyu sauce, drizzled with unagi sauce and black sesame seeds.

tofu poke shooter 🌱

fried tofu marinated in vegan spicy garlic sauce, mixed with wakame seaweed and cucumber.

shrimp & pineapple skewer 🌾

drizzled with sweet chili coconut sauce.

premium teasers ($36/dozen)

ahi poke shooters 🐟

a splash favorite! fresh raw ahi cubes, black sesame seeds, seaweed salad, vermicelli, and crispy onions. ponzu sauce to finish.
*can substitute with other raw seafood*

chicken & rice cups

slow braised hawaiian shoyu chicken over sushi rice. sesame sauce and crispy onions to garnish.

β€˜chop chop’ cups 🐟

raw scallops mixed with tobiko, imitation crab mix, and sriracha aioli. served on a bed of sushi rice.

lil’ poke cups 🐟

choice of raw albacore or salmon, mixed with green onions, sweet onions, cucumber and shoyu. served on a bed of sushi rice, crispy onions and nori to garnish.


From desserts to gift cards and cozy winter-ready sweaters, we offer Extras to complete the Splash Experience!


something sweet to finish!

Ask us about our delicious dessert offerings, made in-house to order β™₯

make a splash

open for business

The Team at SPLASH POKE is so excited to help you get splashin’ for your next catering function! We accomodate no-nonsense volume orders, and we’ve got packages for when your event needs that creative touch. Delivering to Edmonton and area for your next COVID-friendly party, family function, or staff lunchβ€” we’re open for business.

β€’ large events, both staffed and non-staffed
β€’ unique, creative experiences
β€’ accomodate allergy and dietary requirements
β€’ customized menu items
β€’ delivery within Edmonton and St Albert city limits for $15 +GST
β€’ complimentary delivery on orders over $300 (before taxes)

Please note: our SPLASH TEASERS will become available again once the COVID-19 pandemic has subsided. Stay tuned!

To get started with your exclusive Catering experience, reach out to our Catering Team at 780 429 3458Β or email us at! Alternatively, fill out this Contact Form with as many details as you can and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.




Edmonton’s first and original poke restaurant

Directly on 109 Street and Jasper Ave, SPLASH POKE (Mayfair) is housed in the Mayfair North building, in the heart of downtown. Street parking is available around the building and subject to scheduled parking meter rates. Metered parking is also available in the Mayfair building parkade.

10079 109 Street NW. Downtown Edmonton

780 760 4660 |

Mon – Wed 11:30am -7pm | Thurs – Sat 11:30am – 8pm | Sun 12pm – 7pm
Holidays: Hours vary * Hours subject to change without notice


our second splash is serving the south

Just off the Whitemud and Calgary Trail, SPLASH POKE (Summer Breeze) is conveniently located in the south side of Edmonton! Stop in on your lunch break, for dinner, after work, wheneverβ€” anytime is poke time! Free parking is available around the building.

4112A Calgary Trail NW. South Edmonton

825 410 8760 |

Mon – Wed 11:30am – 8pm | Thurs – Fri 11:30am – 9pm | Sat 12pm – 8pm | Sun 12pm – 7pm
Holidays: Hours vary * Hours subject to change without notice


shop and splash, we’re ready for you west side

Conveniently located in West Edmonton Mall Phase III food court, we’re serving up fun, fresh and healthy options for you while you shop and explore the mall! With plenty of free parking and food court seating, it’s time to say, ‘Aloha’ to our team!

#1604, 8882 170 Street NW. West Edmonton

780 487 8677 |

Mon – Thurs 11am -7pm | Fri – Sat 11am – 9pm | Sun 11am – 6pm
Holidays: Hours vary * Hours subject to change without notice


it’s trueβ€” north gets the fourth

Edmonton, we listened: By overwhelmingly popular demand, we’re bringing SPLASH POKE to the great north side! With all the clinics, amenities, free parking, and bus routes nearby, fun and fresh is just around the corner.

#1020, 9499 137 Avenue NW (mall exterior). North Edmonton

780 756 9650 |

Mon – Wed 11:30am – 8pm | Thurs – Sat 11:30am – 8:30pm | Sun 12pm – 7pm
Holidays: Hours vary * Hours subject to change without notice


now serving the botanical arts city

We’re so excited to be able to serve the amazing community of St Albert our fun, fresh fish bowls! Surrounded by other flourishing businesses and eateries, and facing a large parking lot, we’re ready for St Albert’s foodies, friends, and family!

#244, 2 Hebert Road. St Albert

780 569 0966 |

Mon – Thurs 11:30am – 7:30pm | Fri – Sat 11:30am – 8pm | Sun 12pm – 7pm
Holidays: Hours vary * Hours subject to change without notice